Hunter stands in rural field with shotgun
Image provided by Amir Hosseini via Unsplash

When it comes to talking about "gun culture" in the US, it's time challenge our understanding and reshape the discourse. This week. hosts Kelly and JJ sat down with with David Joy, a North Carolina native, award-winning novelist, and gun owner. This episode is a deep dive into how some folks form a collective relationship with firearms, a connection rooted in hunting traditions yet challenged by the shifting landscape of gun laws and culture.

Together, we go beyond the polarizing narratives, confronting the militarization of gun culture, and the differing perspectives shaped by socio-economic backgrounds and geographical location. We shed light on how legal loopholes have allowed controversial weapons like ghost guns into the market, while also debunking myths surrounding gun laws and the NRA's role in gun reform, revealing the power of money in this debate. Lastly, we delve into the uncomfortable intersection of gun culture, gun reform, and white supremacy.

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