Two men with rifles sit in camoflauge gear while sitting in the woods preparing for a deer hunt
Image provided by Rhett Noonan via Unsplash

How do you teach a child about gun safety? About hunting? And how young is too young? In today's episode, you'll find out. Hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by David and Karin Holder of Raised Hunting, Raised At Full Draw, and Raised Outdoors. Together, they run Raised Hunting, a television show all about how American families can use hunting as a platform to teach ethics and values to their family. They also are devoted to teaching adults and children about archery, hunting, and outdoor education in a way that is safe and sustainable. With Kelly and JJ, the Holders discuss how adults can safely introduce children to storing, handling, and hunting with firearms -- and the quiet but tremendous role that hunters and hunting traditions can play both in reducing gun violence and bolstering the ethical foundations of people young and old.

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