Handgun in holster with shot target
Image provided by Jackson McGinley via Pixabay

As we've often detailed on this podcast, while we may not always agree when debating about gun violence and the ways to solve it, having the conversation itself is vital. Preventing that robust discourse is the fact that, despite the work of many activists, a divide exists within the gun violence prevention movement between responsible gun owners and gun violence prevention advocates. Yet, many responsible gun owners are gun violence prevention advocates -- or would like to be more engaged in the conversation. So, how can groups like Brady better bridge this gap in conversation? How can we all better conceptualize gun safety? What parts of the discussion are being left out completely? To kick off what is bound to be a multi-part conversation, hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by Ted C. Bonar, Psy.D.--a clinical psychologist, the Director of End Family Fire at Brady, and Kris West, a firearms instructor and gun safety advocate.

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