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We are saying ENOUGH!

Brady Change The Ref Team Enough Maxwell Frost 9

Team ENOUGH, Brady’s youth-led initiative, works to educate young people about gun violence and mobilize them to take meaningful action to prevent it.

We are survivors of gun violence; we are students; we are advocates; we experience gun violence in different ways and to different degrees. Our diversity is our strength and we harness our lived experiences to advance an intersectional approach to ending gun violence in communities all across the country.


Gun violence is a complex issue in need of comprehensive solutions. We believe that only when everyone has a seat at the table can we build an effective movement to prevent all gun violence in all communities.

We recognize that gun violence disproportionately impacts Black and Brown communities in the U.S., that disagreements and perceptions of disrespect too often end in violence, that suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths, that police violence is gun violence, that firearms in domestic violence situations often lead to tragedy, that unlocked guns are dangerous to those inside and outside the home, and that hate combined with easy access to firearms is deadly.

In order to tackle these issues, we must pass stronger gun laws and address how guns have oversaturated our communities, creating easy access to firearms. But we must also address how systemic racism has facilitated environments where police brutality, white supremacy, poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor education, homophobia, lack of accessible healthcare, and a criminal punishment system thrive. We must address all of these issues if bloodshed is to stop running rampant in our communities.

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Get to know Team ENOUGH's founding members and Executive Council who help make Team ENOUGH's mission a reality. 

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Join a Team ENOUGH Welcome Session


Join a Team ENOUGH Welcome Session

Join us every Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET to ask questions, meet our staff, and learn more about Team ENOUGH.


Team ENOUGH Youth Advocacy Training Program

The Team ENOUGH Youth Advocacy Training Program is the only national, youth-led initiative that trains and mobilizes young people to meet with lawmakers and push for critical gun reform measures.

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