Man poses with a shotgun that is uncocked while wearing hunter orange
Image provided by Hunter Brumels via Unsplash

Is a gun a tool, or is it something more?

Documentarian Sue Hilderbrand addresses the national gun debate not by tackling statistics and talking points, but instead through compassionate and detailed dialogue with diverse communities of gun rights advocates, researchers, gunshot violence survivors, and gun violence prevention activists. Hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by Brady President, Kris Brown and Sue to discuss everything from what guns mean to people emotionally to how the role of guns in American culture has been modified over time.

Attend the live, virtual Q&A on American Totem on April 6th at 8pm EST/5pm PST.
Join the conversation during a LIVE Q&A with director Sue Hilderbrandand philosopher Firmin DeBrabander (Do Guns Make Us Free?). Emmy Award winning producer and filmmaker Bronwyn Berry will moderate this LIVE Q&A. Sign up here.

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