How do we get more gun owners involved in the fight against gun violence? What is the gun violence prevention movement doing wrong? To answer those questions, gun novice JJ is joined by two great gun owners: Kyleanne Hunter, VP of Programs at Brady, Marine veteran, and corgi owner; and Mark House, a New York city public school Principal and father. Together, they're trying to find a way for everyone to be included in the conversation on how to end gun violence.

Then, JJ dips into some unbelievable news--namely, why guns don't belong in schools--and the gun violence prevention wrap-ups move from Fridays to Mondays! What?! I know, I know, we're getting crazy around here.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • about the culture of gun ownership;
  • why safe storage matters;
  • what it's like dealing with the "new normal" of school shootings;
  • how some gun owners respond to "common sense" gun laws;
  • what it's like, being a gun owner who is involved with efforts to reduce and prevent gun violence;
  • what the gun violence movement is doing wrong.

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