The hosts of RBB and the office of gun violence prevention pose with a photo of jim and sarah brady
(L-R): Greg Jackson, JJ Janflone, Kelly Sampson, Rob Wilcox, and Kris Brown. JJ and Kelly hold a photo of Jim and Sarah Brady.

Join us for an insightful discussion uncovering the impactful efforts of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. RBB hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by Brady President Kris Brown, along with Deputy Directors Greg Jackson and Rob Wilcox. Together, we analyze the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, delve into challenges surrounding victim compensation and legislative gaps, and highlight strides in firearm law reforms. Our dialogue showcases the collective determination against gun violence, emphasizing the importance of individual action.

As we conclude, we recognize grassroots advocates as the driving force behind change, acknowledging the shift towards community well-being. We invite you to be active participants in this journey towards a future without gun violence, fostering hope, healing, and humanity.

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