Members of US military branches march in a veterans day parade
Image provided by Ian MacDonald via Unsplash

America’s deadliest shootings are the ones we rarely talk about: Over half of all gun deaths are suicides. This crisis has an outsized impact on the veteran community, with 63 veterans dying by suicide each day. But veterans from across the country are uniting to address this crisis by practicing and promoting safe firearm storage. This Veteran's Day, to discuss suicide prevention, safe firearm storage, and how their “service never stops” as veterans, host JJ is joined by Charles Tawiah, Chris Jachimiec, Sean McDaniel, Shay DeBarr, and Dr. Ted C. Bonar. Charles is a Navy veteran, Chris is an Air Force veteran, Sean is an Army veteran, and Shay is a Marine Corps veteran. Together, we discussEnd Family Fire's newest campaign, “Service Never Stops,” veterans' relationships to their firearms, their views on safe storage, and on how we can keep ourselves and those we love safe.

A live, extended version of this podcast aired on 10/19/2021.

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