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Private planes. Luxury suits. Yachts. Russian spies. And a lie — that the solution to gun violence is "a good guy with a gun." Hosts Kelly and JJ talk with journalist Tim Mak, author of the gripping new exposé, Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA. Mak spent over four years investigating the NRA for this bombshell reporting. Don't miss this powerful conversation.

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: For a chance to win your own copy of Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA, email us at [email protected] or text/call us at 480-744-3452‬ and tell us what you could do with $274,695.03 to fight gun violence. (That's the amount of tax-exempt money that NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre spent on clothes from one luxury retailer alone from 2004-2017.)

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