JJ is joined by JP, who has finally returned, and Joshua Scharff, Legal Counsel and Director of Programs at Brady. Together, the three break down the trend of so-called second amendment “sanctuary cities.” These resolutions are dangerous as well as hypocritical, so this is a Minisode you don't want to miss. This may be a giant temper tantrum, but it's one that has far reaching repercussions.

Today in this Minisode, we cover:

  • What is a so-called second amendment “sanctuary city”;
  • Why that problematic--and wrong--name gets used;
  • What is the impact of these so-called second amendment “sanctuary cities";
  • What happened in New Mexico;
  • The insidious role played by the gun lobby;
  • Why people should be worried about this gun lobby initiative coming to their hometowns?;
  • and most importantly, what can people do if they’re worried?

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