Man holds up a sign saying we need sensible gun laws at the 2022 march for our lives

On average, 2 million American workers become the victims of workplace violence every year, and that includes gun violence. But what sets workplace gun violence apart from other forms of gun violence? And, what can employers and employees do, to help keep one another safe?

To find out, "Red, Blue, and Brady" is launching a 4-part series on gun violence in the workplace. To begin, host JJ is joined by violence expert Dr. Steve Albrecht. The author of 21 books, including the seminal text on workplace shootings, Ticking Bombs: Defusing Violence in the Workplace, Dr. Albrecht combines his experiences as a law enforcement veteran together with a long career in human resources and business management. Together he and JJ discuss what encourages – and discourages – workplace shooters, as well as how businesses can build safer spaces for their clients and employees (and no, the answer is not more armed workers). If you've ever wondered how to make your place of work a safer place, this is the episode for you.

Want to get involved?
Urge your senators to expand and strengthen background checks.
Urge senators to confirm a director to lead the ATF, the agency that oversees the gun industry yet has lacked leadership for years.
Join a Brady chapter near you and sign up to attend our new volunteer session.

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