JJ is joined by Nancy Kislin, psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker and a professor with over 28 years of experience. Nancy is calling into today to talk about why lockdown drills, which are meant to help students prepare in case of a shooting, are in fact damaging to the mental health of students. Nancy provides parents, caregivers, academic staff, and first responders with explanations of how lockdown drills work, as well as inexpensive, common-sense solutions to the problem of poorly-designed lockdown drills.

In this episode, we cover:

  • how lockdown drills are designed;
  • the lack of research around lockdown drills;
  • what lockdown drills mentally do to students and staff;
  • how parents can talk to their kids about school violence; and
  • what parents should be doing about lockdown drills.

If you have a student in school, this is NOT an episode to miss.

JJ also talks about cats with gats (no, really!) and salutes some GVP heroes who answered the call for help following a school shooting.


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