Mural for wear orange months with gun safety painted
Image provided by Serge van Neck via Unsplash

Like a lot of folks, Matt Gordon began his Tiktok account "usmcangryveteran" during Covid-19 lockdowns. He quickly became known for his witty yet detailed explanations of current events, and as his popularity grew, so too did his commitment to fighting for social justice by educating his audience and uplifting other creators from impacted communities. Particularly striking, and viral, were his videos breaking down myths about guns, the reality of firearms ownership, how to be a good ally, and how to fight gun violence. And Matt would know, as a Marine veteran and former rifle and pistol coach. In this episode he joins hosts Kelly and JJ to discuss how to build a community online, how credible messengers are essential in gun violence prevention, and how we all must get involved.

Want to get involved?
Urge your senators to expand and strengthen background checks.
Urge senators to confirm a director to lead the ATF, the agency that oversees the gun industry yet has lacked leadership for years.
Join a Brady chapter near you and sign up to attend our new volunteer session.

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