Patricia Oliver places pencils during Brady rally in 2022
Patricia Oliver places 2280 pencils, each one representing the 2,280 kids who have been killed by gun violence in the time the Senate has refused to bring bipartisan gun violence prevention to a vote, at the 2022 Fight For Our Future Rally.

The day before we gathered to lay out 2,280 schoolbooks and broken pencils* before the U.S. Capitol (each one representing the 2,280 children that have been killed by gun violence since the Senate refused to bring a vote on background checks), and two days prior to the 2022 March for Our Lives, host JJ was joined in the Brady offices by Christian Heyne (Vice President of Policy at Brady) and Founders of Change the Ref (and parents of Joaquin "Guac" Oliver), Manuel and Patricia Oliver. Together, as the night turned late, they discussed why continuing to march and maintaining pressure on elected leaders is so important in the ongoing fight against gun violence. ..and what it's like to be marching, once again, in 2022.

Want to get involved?
Urge your senators to expand and strengthen background checks.
Urge senators to confirm a director to lead the ATF, the agency that oversees the gun industry yet has lacked leadership for years.
Join a Brady chapter near you and sign up to attend our new volunteer session.

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*these notebooks were then donated, following the event


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