Teens at the march for our lives 2022 rally pose with signs against school violence
Image provided by Dulcey Lima via Unsplash

Gun violence in schools is a hard topic for parents and guardians to handle — but not talking about the reality of gun violence in the US isn't a solution. You, the listeners, have been writing in with your concerns, which included things like the following:

  • "If I bring up gun violence to my kids, aren’t I just making them more afraid?”
  • "Should I play the news in front of my child?"
  • "My kindergartener is obsessed with “keeping us safe from the bad guys." What should I do?"
  • "My teenager is constantly anxious without her phone, how do I handle that?"


  • "I’m 15. I’m scared all the time, not just at school. How do I talk to my parents?"

Nancy Kislin, LCSW, an expert on school lockdowns and children's anxiety related to gun violence, joined hosts Kelly and JJ to answer those questions. Listen in to learn concrete ways to handle these tough conversations.

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