A group of teenagers sit around near a train station speaking with one another
Image provided by Eliott Reyna via Unsplash

Amid the heavy burden of today's societal pressures – from the lingering effects of the pandemic to the omnipresent weight of social media – our youth are wading through unprecedented mental health challenges. In today's podcast, we sit with Dr. Kurt Michael(Senior Clinical Director) from The Jed Foundation (JED), diving into the urgent topic of youth firearm suicidality. As a former academic dedicated to establishing mental health clinics in rural schools, and a gun owner himself, Dr. Michael brings a wealth of experience to the table, sharing why gun violence prevention is not just a policy issue, but a personal one. Together, we explore the heightened suicide risks for young people, particularly in communities where firearms are more accessible, and Dr. Michael helps us see the resilience and hope in these young fighters, and how simple measures like responsible gun storage can be a lifeline.


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