Ioan Grillo photo
Author Ioan Grillo

Award-winning journalist and author Ioan Grillo brings us face-to-face with the consequences of US gun policies on our southern neighbor in a discussion about his book "Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels." As Grillo unfolds how arms trafficking fuels the fires of gang and cartel violence in Mexico, we come to understand the stark contrast between Mexico's strict gun laws and the ease of obtaining firearms in the US via Grillo's firsthand accounts, including his coverage of the El Chapo trial, and put a human face on the statistics of violence that currently plagues Mexico.

Join us as we discuss our shared responsibility in addressing gun violence that knows no borders, and how easy access to firearms in the US plays a role in not just international violence, but also increases in migration and the US drug market. Together we delve into the ethical quandaries faced by gun sellers, the formidable influence of organizations like the NRA, and what we can all be doing to keep ourselves (and our neighbors) safe.


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