The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health Received a Combined $25 Million Dedicated to Firearm Injury Prevention Research.

Washington, D.C., March 21, 2024 – Today, Congressional Leaders released the language of the second minibus FY24 Appropriations package. Within the bills are significant investments in gun violence prevention research. Brady, the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization, helped end the 20-year hiatus on gun violence prevention research in 2020.

Kris Brown, president of Brady said:

“Gun violence is a public health crisis, and like any epidemic, we cannot cure our nation unless we are equipped with knowledge of the contagion or causes. Research is how we discover vaccines, medications, and treatments. We must see the prevention of firearm deaths and injuries in the same way. With the research investment of $12.5 million into the Center for Disease Control and another $12.5 million into the National Institute of Health, we can better tailor our solutions to ensure we are addressing this epidemic at the source.
We are grateful to House and Senate Democrats for protecting this life-saving funding and preventing harmful riders that could have blocked it. We look forward to incorporating the discoveries from this research into our approaches to changing policy, changing the gun industry, and changing American hearts and minds as we fight for a future free from gun violence."

Brady has one powerful mission — to unite all Americans against gun violence. We work across Congress, the courts, and our communities with over 90 grassroots chapters, bringing together young and old, red and blue, and every shade of color to find common ground in common sense. In the spirit of our namesakes Jim and Sarah Brady, we have fought for over 45 years to take action, not sides, and we will not stop until this epidemic ends. It’s in our hands.


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