Join community leaders, front-line stakeholders, and local advocates for the Building a Future Without Gun Violence Summit to learn about equitable, data-driven approaches to reduce the flow of crime guns in our cities.

Keep an eye out for more information about our 2024 conference in Chicago, IL!

Past Events

Chicago: September 29
California: October 13-14
Philadelphia: April 16-17

Guns used in crime, often called ‘crime guns,’ do not simply appear in our communities — the majority start in the legal market. But that raises the question: How do guns from the legal market get into our neighborhoods? And why should Black and brown communities bear the burden of gun violence prevention while those who flood our streets with firearms make a profit? They shouldn't.

The Combating Crime Guns Summit will bring together community leaders, front-line stakeholders, local activists, and advocates to learn more about the sources of our cities’ crime guns and craft unique solutions to stem the flow of illegal firearms into our communities. The summit will also include resources on secondary trauma, vicarious trauma, and mental well-being for activists and community members.


Brady's Combating Crime Guns Initiative is reducing gun violence and addressing racial injustice on the most impacted communities by stopping the flow of crime guns.

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