Man holds a sign saying stop the assault on our lives at the 2022 March for Our Lives rally

This summer has been one marked by mass shootings. Since Memorial Day of this year alone there have been 178 mass shootings, which have killed 165 people and injured 764 others. And as public fear increases, so too does misinformation and myth about mass murderers and mass shootings. To cut through the noise, and learn what may drive shooters, hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by Dr. P Shavaun Scott. Dr. Scott is a clinically licensed psychotherapist who has spent the last 30 years studying, and working with, victims and perpetrators of violent crime. Together they discuss Dr. Scott's most recent book, The Minds of Mass Killers: Understanding and Interrupting the Pathway to Violence, the pathways people follow to violence, and how we can all combat shootings before they happen.

Want to get involved?
Urge your senators to expand and strengthen background checks.
Urge senators to confirm a director to lead the ATF, the agency that oversees the gun industry yet has lacked leadership for years.
Join a Brady chapter near you and sign up to attend our new volunteer session.

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