Lipstick lobby gun violence

JJ and Cordy call Davida Hall, Vice President of Content at Studio 71 and founder and creator of The Lipstick Lobby...and the special lipstick shade supporting Brady, "Fired Up!" The Lipstick Lobby is a social justice movement for change, progress and equality, that seeks to empower women through statement lip products to fight for the issues most critical to their lives.

Today in this Minisode, we cover:

  • how the Lipstick Lobby came to be;
  • why corporations need to be looking into gun violence prevention;
  • how a little lipstick can lead to big change;
  • how it feels to do a photoshoot with activists and survivors;
  • and why "Fired Up" makes such a great gift.

One-hundred percent of proceeds from the "Fired Up" lipstick go to supporting Brady! Right now, Red, Blue, and Brady listeners get 15% off with the code "Brady15." Go forth! Shop! Check out

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