Image of Los Angeles police car door which features the motto to protect and to serve
Image provided by Nick Page via Unsplash

More police officers die by suicide than are killed in the line of duty. This high rate is concerning, especially as reported suicide rates of first responders are thought to be much lower than the reality. And when it comes to means, firearms are overwhelmingly used. Why are these rates so high? To find out, our three guests (who happen to have served over a combined 80 years in law enforcement, in addition to being experts on suicide) joined hosts Kelly and JJ. Dennis Harris (founder of smart gun lock company T-Lock, and father of TaLeah), Dr. Steve Albrecht (author of Stay Safe At Work: Your Ultimate Guide to Workplace Security, The Police Professional: 60 Ways to Lead, and more) and Steve Hough (Chief Operating Officer of First H.E.L.P., a organization devoted to reducing mental health stigma for First Responders through education, advocacy, and training), all share their personal, and professional, thoughts on what first responders — and the people that care about them —can do to help protect those in their lives that took an oath to "protect and serve."

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