Staying at home in order to practice social distancing amid COVID-19 means that millions of children and family members will be spending more time in close proximity to firearms. And we all know kids are curious, and they can find everything — including a gun you thought was “hidden." These factors make it more important than ever that we ensure our homes are safe from family fire — which refers to a shooting caused by someone having access to a gun from the home when they shouldn’t have it. This includes children as well as those who display behavior that indicates they could harm themselves or others.

So, how do we talk to the people we know and love — including our kids, neighbors, spouses, and more — about guns right now? For this minisode, host JJ is joined by Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, Vice President of Programs at Brady, and Leslie LaRue, a gun owner, mom, and PTA leader in Austin, Texas.

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