Young person holds up a sign reading whatever youre not changing youre choosing during a blm protest in 2021
Image provided by Corey Young via Unsplash

We know that gun violence truly is intersectional, touching every part of American life. And in turn, so much of the world impacts gun violence. Included in that reciprocal relationship is climate, or more specifically, climate change and global warming. Studies suggest that climate change can worsen gun violence rates, yet initiatives to fight gun violence via fighting climate change are scarce on the ground. This is troubling, as rising global temperatures seem to be leading to rising incidents of gun violence, especially in communities already hit hardest by every day gun violence. To discuss all the ways that climate change could worsen gun violence rates, and how we all can help combat that rise, we’re joined by Dr. Daniel Semenza, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice at Rutgers University.

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