Photo of activists taken during the 2023 Parkland Vigil held at Trinity University in Washington DC
Folks gather at a Parkland commemoration and vigil that was held on Feb. 14 at Trinity Washington University in D.C

In the five years since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, many activists have stood up to fight back against gun violence, and gun lobby disinformation. One of those tireless advocates is Fred Guttenberg, whose two children were there that day. While his son, Jesse, survived, Fred's beautiful 14-year-old daughter Jamie was killed. Since then, Fred has dedicated countless hours to understanding gun violence in America and advocating for prevention. In this episode, we're joined by fellow gun violence survivors Christian Heyne and Liz Dunning of Brady, as we discuss Fred’s latest book, "American Carnage: Shattering the Myths That Fuel Gun Violence." Together, we explore what it takes to break through the barrier of misinformation, debunk myths, and find a path to meaningful action in the fight to end gun violence.

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