Military-Connected Community Attitudes and Experience With Gun Ownership in the U.S.

ScoutComms, on behalf of Brady, developed an online survey to better understand attitudes and experiences about gun ownership within U.S. military-connected communities.

Those surveyed include gun owners or individuals who live in a home with guns AND are current or former service members or immediate family to current or former service members. Nearly 71% of respondents identified as veterans of the U.S. military.


Survey results show that military-connected communities have many reasons for owning firearms. The top reasons respondents gave was for protection in the home (66.45%), sports shooting (66.45%), personal protection outside the home (42.49%), tradition (37.7%), hunting (36.74%), and exercising rights (30.99%).

Majority of respondents selected that they were either "extremely knowledgeable" or "very knowledgeable" when it came to operating firearms and the top selection (41%) for safe storage practices used was "store firearms in a locked box, gun cabinet, or gun safe — unloaded."

Current and former service members were asked if they feel that the gun safety measures practiced by the U.S. military should be made a standard for national gun safety practices in the U.S.. Regardless of political affiliation or area where they live, those surveyed largely said "yes."

Veterans are experiencing gun violence outside of combat at alarming rates. 46% of respondents said that they have experienced gun violence outside of combat and of those who expanded with additional information about their experiences, 71% indicated suicide of a friend or family member.

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