Tell State Legislators: Ban Firearms in Legislative Buildings!

Guns do not belong in our democratic process, plain and simple. With armed threats looming, it urgent we act now.

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Brady's Legislative Blueprint for a Safer America

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Few moments in American history have more clearly highlighted the need for stronger national laws to prevent gun violence than the events of January 6, 2021. Brady President Kris Brown addresses members of Congress calling for legislative action to prevent gun violence.

The people have spoken. We have a gun violence prevention majority in Congress.

American gun violence is a complex and multifaceted issue that will persist unless our elected leaders take action and embrace targeted solutions that address the root causes of gun violence and its various forms. Through legislative action there is an opportunity to change the trajectory of gun violence in the United States and lay the foundations for lasting positive change.

In order to reduce American gun violence and set the stage for generations of progress, the Brady Blueprint identifies three broad areas of focus.

1. The need for democratic reforms

We cannot adequately address gun violence until we fix unjust democratic systems. Reforms that will prevent statutory stonewalling and special interest influence, are critical to a representative democracy and preventing gun violence.

2. Expand the Brady Background Check System

The Brady Background Check System has prevented millions of prohibited purchases since it went into effect, saving countless lives. Gaps in the law have arisen over the years. Expanding and strengthening this system is crucial to ensuring foundational support for all other gun laws.

3. Address gun violence in all of its forms

The strategies and policies necessary to prevent gun violence require an approach tailored to each form and its root cause. Policymakers must account for the ways in which gun violence impacts every community differently.

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