Scholarship Competition

The End Family Fire Scholarship Competition gives students a chance to make a difference through the power of creativity and storytelling.

Our 2019 student video competition challenged high school and college-aged students to create a video that speaks directly to adults and aims to bring awareness to the issue of family fire — a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home, which results in death or injury. The winning videos, announced in August 2019, encourage gun owners to store firearms securely to help prevent these tragic incidents.

Each winner was awarded a $5,000 scholarship, and the Ad Council will distribute their winning videos nationally across a variety of channels including broadcast television and social media. In addition, the winning high school submission will be screened at the 2019 All-American High School Film Festival in New York City. Stay tuned for details about our 2020 End Family Fire Scholarship Competition.

Winner: High School Entry

Amelia Montagnino from Bethesda, Maryland, "You Told Me"

“While she plans to continue making videos, Montagnino doesn’t want the message of ‘You Told Me,’ to be forgotten in the shuffle. Amelia hopes that people take away the message that ‘family fire is a prominent health issue and that really everyone can be affected by it.’ She encourages practicing open communication and practicing safe storage as ‘the first big step’ in preventing these deaths.”

— Bustle

Winner: College Entry

Alexandra Franklin from Detroit, Michigan, "Curiosity"