Thank President Biden for Taking Action to Save Lives!

The executive actions just announced by President Biden are the boldest set of solutions for America's gun violence epidemic that we have seen in 30 years.

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Fiscal Year 2020

Annual Report



There’s red, there’s blue, and then there is Brady. The title of this report is not only the name of Brady’s podcast; it represents a way of thinking. At Brady, we take action, not sides, and this past year has shown us how important empathy and compassion are to our movement. Brady’s mission to prevent gun violence and save lives is possible only when we listen to the voices of those most impacted and learn from their stories. From coast to coast, liberal and conservative, red and blue, young and old — even when faced with what seems like insurmountable differences, we must come together. We can find resilience within one another, and together we will create a better, safer country for all.

2020 has felt, and continues to feel, overwhelming. The pandemic has impacted our health, our economy, and has changed the landscape of gun violence in our country. At Brady, it has also sharpened our focus in the wake of unprecedented surges in gun sales to mitigate risks associated with increased gun violence during this unprecedented time.
As a nation, we’ve watched those who should be leading us sow division and fear rather than unity and hope as rules are broken, public safety is ignored, misinformation is spread, and common decency is trammeled upon. But through the bleakest hours, we’ve still seen moments of hope and beauty. The best of America, and indeed the American way, is defined by standing together for one another and for what is right — it’s about taking action, not sides.

We’ve witnessed the American people rising like never before to demand the right to live free from the uniquely American epidemic of gun violence, including police violence. We saw the continued, egregious murders of Black Americans and we at Brady are committed to continuing our work to end all forms of gun violence so that all Americans can live in communities, walk down the street, live their lives without the fear of being shot.

Our work takes place on many fronts — across Congress, the courts, and communities — and in our Annual Report we’ll highlight an example of Brady’s work in each of these areas. The solutions vary, but together they represent Brady’s holistic approach to tackling the epidemic of gun violence.

With your continued support, we can have the America that Jim and Sarah Brady fought so tenaciously to achieve.

Red, Blue, and Brady

Annual Report FY 2020


Total Revenue: $42,607,000; Total Expenses: $41,155,000


In April of 2021, the Brady Action Awards will be going virtual We invite you to join us in honoring all those who support Brady's work to end gun violence and save lives. More information to come!