National Gun Violence Awareness Month

Wear Orange


Every day, more than 300 people are directly impacted by gun violence in the United States. Gun Violence Awareness month was created to draw attention to this tragic reality and demand life-saving change.

We Wear Orange in honor of Hadiya Pendleton and all those impacted by gun violence.

Hadiya Pendleton was 15 years old when she was shot and killed in Chicago in 2013. Just one week earlier, Hadiya had performed with her high school majorette squad at President Obama's second inaugural parade. In response to her death, Hadiya's friends asked others to wear orange to raise awareness about gun violence.

Gun violence prevention advocates and organizations nationwide have taken up the color orange as the color of gun violence awareness and the first Friday in June is now considered National Gun Violence Awareness Day.


Tell elected officials, we need immediate action to prevent gun violence and save lives. ADD YOUR NAME NOW!


  • #WearOrange Day was started by the friends of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who in 2013 was shot and killed outside her high school. We honor Hadiya — and the 100 people who are killed by gun violence every day — by taking action to end this epidemic. @bradybuzz

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  • Why do we #WearOrange? For the 40,000 people killed with guns every year. For the 100 lives stolen each day. For the 8 children and teens unintentionally shot each day. And for the innumerable lives impacted by these senseless tragedies. #EndGunViolence @bradybuzz

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  • June 2 should have been Hadiya Pendleton’s 23rd birthday — but she was shot and killed at age 15. Black children and teens are 8x more likely to die from gun homicide than their white peers. To end gun violence, we must fight systemic racism. #WearOrange @bradybuzz

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