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51 Is Fair: Why We Must End the Filibuster

Gun violence is a national emergency. We need a simple majority vote!

For too long, the Senate's 60-vote rule has blocked efforts to pass gun safety legislation. Gun violence is a national emergency, and Congress must stop playing political games with our lives. Add your name to say 51 is fair! We deserve a simple majority vote to pass laws that will make our country safer from gun violence.


Gun violence is a national emergency, and Congress owes it to our country to avoid political games and hold a simple majority vote for gun laws that will make this country safer.

In 2013, more than a majority of senators voted to pass a background check bill, but a procedural filibuster prevented that bill from becoming law. Since then, almost 250,000 Americans have been impacted by gun violence. Enough is enough. Why do we need a 60-vote threshold to pass a bill that will save American lives? 51 is the majority and 51 is fair.

Amid our country's gun violence crisis, procedural tricks of an extreme few still prevent the progress we so desperately need. We lose another 100 people — family members, neighbors, coworkers, children — every day that we delay the passage of common-sense gun safety measures like an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks, and extreme risk protection laws. Our legislators must make ending this bloodshed their first priority. Please don't play games with our lives.