T. Christian Heyne is the Chief Programs and Policy Officer at Brady, one of the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organizations, where he leads all legislative and programmatic efforts at the federal and state levels. Prior to assuming this position, Christian served as the legislative director at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CGSV).

Changing the Culture: Brady's Movement for Responsible Gun Ownership

Gun owners play a vital role in preventing gun violence through their responsible behavior, like safe storage of firearms.

Christian Heyne talked about the bipartisan Senate legislative package on gun safety.

Vice President of Policy at The Brady Campaign, Christian Heyne, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss gun violence in the United States.

Our Vice President of Policy and gun violence survivor Christian Heyne provided a powerful testimony for the House Judiciary Committee on bipartisan solutions to end gun violence.

President Biden is pleading with lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws in response to the recent spike in mass shootings nationwide. Christian Heyne is vice president of policy at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He joins CBS News to discuss his take on Biden’s plan for gun violence prevention moving forward.

In order to end America’s gun violence epidemic our leaders in the Senate must take action, not sides, and put our livelihoods over political games. But the filibuster continues to block life-saving legislation that receives bipartisan support.

The Biden administration took steps to combat so-called "ghost guns," requiring serial numbers and sales records for such weapons. Christian Heyne, vice president of policy at Brady, joined CBS News' Lana Zak to discuss the new regulations and other solutions to fighting gun violence.

Throughout his career, Christian has worked to build consensus both at the state level and in Congress to end the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Christian has successfully developed, lobbied, and assisted with the implementation of a variety of local, state, and federal policies. Among legislative accomplishments, Christian worked with legislatures in 17 states across the country to help develop, introduce, pass, and implement extreme risk laws, which allow families and law enforcement to work with courts to temporarily separate individuals at an increased risk of violent behavior from firearms. At Brady, he has helped oversee and grow the Combating Crime Guns Initiative, working on non-legislative solutions to stem the flow of illegal guns into vulnerable communities by holding irresponsible and negligent actors of the gun industry responsible for behavior that contributes to gun violence.

Christian prioritizes strong relationships across the political and ideological spectrum of the gun violence prevention movement and its partners, fostering collaboration with academics, researchers, policymakers, activists, implementers, and more. Brady is proud to be survivor-founded and -led, and Christian strives to ensure not only that survivors’ voices are genuinely heard and reflected in each stage of Brady’s work, but also that survivors are leaders at the forefront of the broader movement.

Christian began advocating for stronger gun laws after a man with a history of violence shot his parents on Memorial Day 2005. His father survived multiple gunshots, but his mother was killed. In the wake of this tragedy, Christian and his Dad started a Brady chapter in Ventura County, and, shortly thereafter, a collegiate chapter for Brady at California State University, Chico.

Christian is originally from Thousand Oaks, California. After receiving a Legal Studies degree and a Paralegal Certificate from California State University, Chico, Christian moved to Washington, D.C., where he currently resides.

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