Peg Church
Peg Church

We are proud to recognize supporters of Brady who fuel our life-saving mission to free America from gun violence.

That generous supporter is Margaret “Peg” Church, who has been a supporter of Brady for over two decades. Peg first got involved with Brady during the Million Mom March — one of the largest protests against gun violence in U.S. history — and nearly 24 years later, Peg says the march was the best Mother’s Day Gift she’s ever received.

Until 2014, Peg was a school counselor in Philadelphia, where she supported students dealing with the loss of a loved one. She also experienced gun violence when a young child was tragically killed in crossfire in front of her school.

Gun violence touched Peg numerous times as a school counselor. And while it’s easy to become discouraged by this uniquely American epidemic, she remains hopeful because of today’s youth. She believes that young people see the issue of gun violence more clearly and are encouraging those around them to take action.

In her free time, Peg is an outspoken climate advocate, determined to create a better future for all children, including her grandchildren. She also loves reading historical novels, watching historical movies and TV, and spending time outside.

We thank Peg for her long-time commitment to Brady and her community! We are only able to further our mission of freeing America from this epidemic because of supporters like her. Please join us in learning how to support Brady today.

March line


March line

Brady’s life-saving work in Congress, the courts, classrooms, and communities across the country is made possible thanks to you. 100% of your donation goes to fight gun violence.

Together, we can end the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Please join us in learning how you can support Brady today

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