Join community leaders, front-line stakeholders, and local advocates for the Building a Future Without Gun Violence Summit to learn about equitable, data-driven approaches to reduce the flow of crime guns in our cities.

The Chicago summit will feature opportunities to learn about solutions that target the supply of firearms into our communities, while also focusing on healing and wellness. Together, we will lift up ideas, share experiences, and develop solutions to build the safer future we all want and deserve.

Conference Schedule

Day 1: October 13, 2023

Grassroots activists will gather to hear about the latest updates on legislation, community building, and share ideas to strengthen gun violence prevention efforts in the coming year.

12:30 PM | Welcome

12:45 PM | California Legislation
Where we are and where we are headed

1:45 PM | Break

2:00 PM | Advocating for Safe Storage
With End Family Fire and ASK

3:00 PM | Closed Session for members and leaders of Brady and Team Chapters and Regional Leadership Councils
Sharing ideas for how to engaging and build community - Strategizing for 2014

6:00 PM | Dinner (Closed for members and leaders of Brady and Team Chapters and Regional Leadership Councils)

Day 2: October 14, 2023

Participants will learn about Brady's Combating Crime Guns Initiative, including program strategies, successes, and upcoming efforts. We will discuss community feedback, answer questions, and build strategies on how we can better integrate ongoing grassroots efforts with Brady's supply-side work.

8:00 AM | Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM | Welcome

9:15 AM | Building Common Ground Activity
Join us for an activity where participants will better get to know one another.

9:45 AM | Opening Plenary: Brady's Combating Crime Guns Initiative
Learn about Brady's Combating Crime Guns initiative

10:30 AM | Break

10:45 AM | Breakout Session 1

  • Track 1: Finding the Truth Through Data

    Learn more about how to use data to increase the effectiveness of your work. We will also talk about making data more accessible and talk about implications for equity.

  • Track 2: Why a Supply-Side Approach to Gun Violence Matters Right Now

    Hear about how Brady's Combating Crime Guns initiative fits within the larger gun violence prevention ecosystem, how the current administration is tackling supply-side solutions, and why it's important to focus on increased transparency.

  • Track 3: The Power of Storytelling

    Learn tools for how you can use your own experiences and the experiences of your community to advocate for local, state, and national solutions to gun violence.

11:45 AM | Lunch and Keynote with Attorney General Bonta

1:00 PM | Breakout Session 2

  • Track 1: The Truth About the Second Amendment

    Gain a historical perspective on gun use and ownership in America, including the connection between gun culture and white supremacy, to help contextualize our nation's gun violence problem.

  • Track 2: Tracing California Crime Guns and Using Procurement to Prevent Gun Violence

    California recently released a trace report on crime guns in the state. Hear about the report's findings and how they are connected to other issues, like government procurement of firearms.

  • Track 3: The Value of Coalition Building

    Building coalitions strengthens gun violence prevention efforts. Learn about ways to work better together and gain tools to create immediate change in your community.

2:00 PM | Break

2:15 PM | Afternoon Plenary
See ways in which communities have implemented Brady's supply-strategies and how communities have effectively worked toward ending gun violence.

3:30 PM | Closing


Brady's Combating Crime Guns Initiative is reducing gun violence and addressing racial injustice on the most impacted communities by stopping the flow of crime guns.

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