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Daniel Mauser, 15

April 20, 1999 started off like any regular school day at Columbine High School in a small town in Colorado.

Students attended classes, talked with each other in the hallways and went about their usual business, including Daniel, an active member on the school’s debate team.

That all changed when two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, walked into the library and opened fire into a crowd of their peers. The scene in library could be described as nothing short of a war zone with students climbing under and over desks and tables to avoid the bullets. Students cried out in fear for their lives as the killers moved through the room taunting and shooting at them.

When the shooting spree ended, Daniel and 12 other people were dead, and 24 were injured.

The killers bought three of the four weapons they used through a straw purchaser at a gun show where background checks are not required prior to purchase. The straw purchaser, Robyn Anderson, purchased guns from an unlicensed seller. The three weapons Anderson bought included a semiautomatic assault rifle and two shotguns.

The killers also had an assault pistol, also purchased at a gun show. Anderson later testified that she would not have bought the weapons if the unlicensed seller had required she go through a background check.

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