March for our lives

In honor of all the lives impacted by gun violence, please join us in taking action now.

March for our lives

The shooting rampage in Lewiston, ME, was around the 565th mass shooting this year. Already, 2023 is on track for the most mass shootings since 2014. But we don’t have to live this way.

On October 25, 2023, a gunman reportedly used an assault weapon tokill 18 people and injure 13 others in Lewiston, ME, in what was the 565th mass shooting of the year. The mass shooting in Lewiston — which is the deadliest of 2023 and the largest since the 2018 Parkland shooting — comes just weeks after five people, including four Morgan State University students, were shot and injured at the historically Black university.

These shootings, once again, have shown us that our nation's gun laws are broken and that Congress must act. Deadly assault weapons and high-capacity magazines must be banned; Brady Background Checks have to be expanded to cover all gun sales; and life-saving extreme risk protection orders need to be implemented nationwide.

Despite the NRA and its allies claiming “more guns make us safer,” we know that’s a flat-out lie. These senseless tragedies are preventable, and we must take action and pass life-saving gun reform measures. Our collective power can make a difference and save lives. Are you with us?

Here are six ways you can take action now to prevent gun violence


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