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Learn more about Veterans for Gun Reform

Veterans for Gun Reform was founded in 2017 by Marine Corps combat veteran and decorated Cobra helicopter gunship pilot Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel veteran Joe Plenzler, and Marine Corps Colonel combat veteran Craig Tucker. In sum, they have served over six tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, with a commanding 60 years of combined service.

Their service to our country stretches past their time in uniform. The founders of Veterans for Gun Reform have held positions such as Marine Corps’ Liaison Officer to the House of Representatives and group director for the Commandants of the Marine Corps.

At the helm of Veterans for Gun Reform, Hunter, Plenzler, and Tucker have the experiences and qualifications to unite the veteran community and reduce gun violence by encouraging safe gun practices, training, and regulations practiced in the military.

Today, Veterans for Gun Reform has been re-energized through support of Brady, one of our nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organizations. Together, Veterans for Gun Reform will take action, not sides, to reduce gun violence in America, including firearm suicides. It’s in our hands.

Military-Connected Community Attitudes and Experience with Gun Ownership in the U.S.

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Every day, 17 veterans die by suicide. 69% are from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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