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Resources and Toolkits

Tools you can use to help End Family Fire in your community

  • End Family Fire Toolkit
    This toolkit contains all the resources you need to extend the reach of this important campaign: PSAs, print materials, social media assets, and helpful tips to engage your partners and your community. The components of the toolkit can also be found below.

  • Program Background
    Access information about the public service advertising campaign that aims to end Family Fire through safe gun storage practices.

  • Local School Outreach
    Use our template letter to encourage superintendents, board of education members, or other school leaders in your community to engage parents and guardians to practice safe firearm storage. Here's a template letter that can be sent to parents and guardians on behalf of school leaders.

  • Local Media Outreach
    Learn how to place PSAs in your local community to promote the End Family Fire message. We also encourage you to use our “letter to the editor” template in response to incidents of family fire in your community. Through this outreach, we can educate the public that these are not “accidents” — but rather preventable instances of family fire.

  • “What is Family Fire?” Program Brochure
    Print our brochure and share it at relevant events, like rallies or forums, in your community. We also have a one-pager you can print and share.

  • Social Media Toolkit
    Use our graphics to help get the word out on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #EndFamilyFire.

  • PSAs
    Watch and access the current PSAs. You can find YouTube videos below.

The End Family Fire campaign is a part of the Brady Center's C(3) efforts.