Take Action With Our Bingo Game

Play Our Democracy Bingo

Join your friends to play our Bingo game and mark off your boards as you ramp up your activism!

Are you ready to dig in and put our policy solutions to action? Our Democracy Bingo covers the range of concrete democracy reforms you can advocate for at both the state and local levels. Download a Bingo board and mark off the squares as you take action! The middle square is the last step you can take: voting on Election Day! So we're gearing up to play Democracy Bingo all summer.

First, choose a Bingo board. (We have five!) You can either print your board, play on your phone, or do both!

  • If you choose to print a Bingo board, put it up on your fridge or bulletin board so you can track your progress. Take photos of your progress and share to social media!
    • Download a digital version (right-click and download any of the five boards below) and play on your phone! Join us on Instagram, where you can use custom stickers to mark off squares. Tag your friends to play with you!
    • However you choose to play, be sure to use the hashtag #VotingAccessSavesLives on social media to engage with friends and other players!

    Right-click and save a digital version below to play on your phone and over Instagram! Tag your friends and use hashtag #VotingAccessSavesLives.