Gun Store Transparency Project

Our Gun Store Transparency Project exposes never-before-released federal records that identify gun stores cited for breaking the law, potentially fueling the source of crime guns in America.

This is the largest database of ATF gun store inspection reports ever released to the public.

The gun industry lacks transparency into which gun stores are violating our public safety laws and whether law enforcement is doing anything about it. That’s why Brady spent years filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and fighting in court to secure these federal inspection reports.

Visit gunstoretransparency.com, type in a zip code, and find gun dealers that have been cited for violations in your community and across the country.

Browse these ATF inspection records — the most comprehensive ever made available — and find cited violations among gun stores in your area and across the country.

We’re releasing these reports to the public to shed light on dangerous gun industry behavior and the ATF’s weak enforcement of the nation’s gun laws.

Our Gun Store Transparency Project ensures that the American public will no longer be kept in the dark about businesses that contribute to gun violence in their communities, including whether federal authorities are failing to hold them accountable.

You’ll learn how certain gun stores seriously violate public safety laws and how gun-industry-backed policies — combined with lax ATF enforcement — allow these businesses to continue transferring, manufacturing, and/or importing guns. The ATF inspects only a small percentage of gun stores each year and revokes a store's federal firearms license in less than 1 percent of all inspections. The country needs an effective federal system that ensures dangerous sellers are held accountable for threatening our safety and contributing to gun violence.

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