Combating Crime Guns

Reducing gun violence in impacted communities by stemming the flow of crime guns into those areas.

Our Combating Crime Guns Initiative works to shift the burden of gun violence from the shooters to the suppliers of crime guns, including irresponsible gun industry actors who prioritize profit over public safety.

Brady, under the leadership of President Kris Brown, is the only national organization with a dedicated program focused on combating crime guns, recognizing the critical role of racial justice in ending America’s gun violence epidemic.

Everyday gun violence in communities across the United States, fueled by irresponsible and unlawful gun sales by gun dealers, has a disproportionate impact on Black and Brown communities and is a major contributor to racial inequality in America.

Many local and national programs work tirelessly to intervene in and prevent violence through direct services, including hospital-based services, violence interruption programs, increased access to education, after-school programs, and job training. These efforts aim to decrease the demand for guns and drive related declines in urban homicide. In addition to this important work, we must also address the supply of illegal guns that flood into communities and drive urban homicide.

Despite the best efforts of its workforce, ATF is unable to provide meaningful oversight of the gun industry. The ATF is chronically underfunded and constrained by acts of Congress that were designed by gun lobby-backed politicians. While Brady continues its efforts to reform the ATF to ensure it has the resources and authority to provide meaningful oversight, we simply cannot wait.

Addressing the supply-side of gun violence is an issue of racial justice.

At Brady, we believe that where you live should not determine if you live and that the color of your skin should not dictate your life expectancy. Yet, tragically, today it does. Half of all American homicides occur in just 127 cities and towns containing only a quarter of the population. Black children are 10 times more likely to be shot than white children. The homicide rate for Black men is 30.7 per 100,000, while for white men it is 2.4 per 100,000 nationwide.