Tell State Legislators: Ban Firearms in Legislative Buildings!

Guns do not belong in our democratic process, plain and simple. With armed threats looming, it urgent we act now.

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22: Who Needs a Gun in 15 Minutes or Less?

When Ross was only 12, his father Ken Misher was murdered by a long-time employee and friend who purchased a handgun in 15 minutes or less while on his lunch break. Ross turned his anger into action, launching a life in activism that continues 35 years later.

Today in this Minisode, we cover:

  • why background checks matter;
  • why "cooling off" periods are important;
  • why Jim and Sarah Brady were amazing advocates;
  • the trauma felt by those left behind after a shooting;
  • why the NRA is out of touch; and
  • how YOU can get involved in activism today.

In particular, listen in for the "Tina Timid" section. You'll be horrified! Which, par for the course on here, but still.

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