Tell State Legislators: Ban Firearms in Legislative Buildings!

Guns do not belong in our democratic process, plain and simple. With armed threats looming, it urgent we act now.

Take Action!

35: Welcome, 2020

JJ is joined by everybody's favorite co-host, JP, and everybody's favorite leader, Brady President Kris Brown. Together, we're here to talk about all that Brady did this year--and what we resolve to have happen in 2020. After that, I’m going to drop some truth in our “unbelievable, but” section--namely, that this holiday season winds down, you should resolve to practice and discuss safe gun storage. Finally, we’re leaving 2019 with one last news wrap-up that covers everything from increased shootings to increased funding. 2019 has been...a lot, but we’re here together to make 2020 safer.

And hey all--thanks for listening. As always, Brady’s lifesaving work in congress, the courts, and communities across the country is made possible thanks to you. For more information on Brady, or how to get involved in the fight against gun violence, please like and subscribe to the podcast, get in touch with us at, or on social @bradybuzz. Be brave, and remember: take action, not sides.

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