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40: Taking Our Democracy Back

This week, Brady is in Iowa! JJ is joined by Brady President Kris Brown in Des Moines for the “We The People 2020: Protecting our Democracy a Decade After Citizens United" forum. There, Brady and seven other organizations (Common Cause, End Citizens United Action Fund, MoveOn Political Action, NAACP, People For the American Way, Progress Iowa, and Public Citizen) were joined by top Democratic presidential candidates former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Maryland representative John Delaney, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang. Also there? The American public, who JJ is speaking to about the dominance of big money in politics, the need to protect the right to vote, how to ensure fair courts, how to create a democracy that works for all of us, and, of course, gun violence prevention.

Then, JJ is bringing you a tale of a gun store who has made buying ammo and accessories a game--literally. Finally, she's bringing you all the news she can from this week.

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