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138: The Reality of Rebuilding: Part 2

Photo of Patience Murray provided by her.

Patience Murray survived the Pulse nightclub shooting, and her stirring rendition of her poem "the Guilt of Being Alive is Heavy" made her go viral as both a writer and a survivor. In the years that followed, Patience continued to produce work as a survivor activist, writing the book Survive Then Live: The Patience Carter Story, hosting a podcast, being in an Emmy- nominated documentary series about her wedding (Sincerely, Patience). But Patience was still struggling -- not just with the trauma of Pulse, but from pre-existing ordeals she had suffered.

In part two of this episode, Patience joins hosts Kelly and JJ to discuss how her faith has helped her to heal, the reality of what survivors deal with, and how she has found healing through her professional and creative work.

You can join Patience every Thursday LIVE on FACEBOOK or on Clubhouse at 7pm ET by clicking here. You can find her new song, Philly Never Seen, here.

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