47: Who is the City Livable For?

We talk with 1Hood's Farooq Al-Said about hip hop, white supremacy, police violence, and more.

46: What's Underneath Those Red Dots

Dr. Joseph Richardson on how gun violence, trauma, and incarceration affect Black boys and young Black men.

45: On the Front Lines

It's the second full-length episode of Brady's series on racial justice, gun violence, and gun violence prevention. JJ and Kelly are joined by Clayton Rosenberg of the Alliance of Concerned Men and Women to talk about racism, gentrification, and gun violence.

44: The World Turned Upside Down

It's the first full-length episode of Brady's series on racial justice, gun violence, and gun violence prevention! JJ and Kelly are joined by Dr. Saul Cornell, to discuss the ways the modern gun debate intersects with the history of race relations in America.

43: If They'd Just Listen

The first episode in our series on racial justice, we talk with gun violence survivors and leaders Aalayah Eastmond and Tatiana Washington.

42: Be a Problem Solver

Gun violence is a public health issue, and diversity really matters. JJ is joined by Christian Heyne, JP Thomas, and Dr. Daniel Webster.

41: If You Know It, You Own It

This week, Brady tackles policing, intentional data loss, and how to get rid of guns in a forge. JJ is joined by VP of Policy at Brady, Christian Heyne, and David Chipman, a Senior Policy Advisor at the gun violence prevention organization Giffords and 25 year veteran of the ATF.

40: Taking Our Democracy Back

This week, Brady is in Iowa! JJ is joined by Brady President Kris Brown in Des Moines for the “We The People 2020: Protecting our Democracy a Decade After Citizens United" forum.

39: History in the Making

JJ is joined by Brady President Kris Brown, and State Director of Virginia at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Lori Haas. Together, they discuss the gun violence prevention legislation has cleared committee in the state of Virginia!

38: It's a Matter of Faith

A Bishop, a Rabbi, and an Imam come on a podcast...no, it's not a joke, it's an amazing conversation. We do laugh a lot though! JJ is joined by three great men-the retired Bishop Mark Beckwith, the Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz, and Imam W. Deen Shareef.

37: When Current Events are Triggering

We talk with clinical psychologist Ted Bonar, who specializes in PTSD and veteran mental health, about how to cope when gun violence dominates the news.

36: Beyond, and Behind, the Bullet

JJ and JP ring in the first podcast of 2020 with writer, producer, director, community organizer, and super impressive human, Heidi Yewman. Heidi is a long-time Brady member, one who has devoted herself to exploring the multiple and complex narratives that surround gun violence.