Effects of Gun Violence

100: Finding Hope, and Helpers, in Gun Violence Prevention

In this live episode, hosts Kelly and JJ speak with Brady President Kris Brown, Parkland father and author Fred Guttenberg, Dr. Dana Winters of the Fred Rogers Center, and Clayton Rosenberg of the Alliance of Concerned Men, to talk about how we can all "find the helpers."

Types of Gun Violence

98: Indigenous Populations, Gun Violence, and Public Awareness

To unpack a long history of mistreatment, firearms, and disenfranchisement facing Indigenous communities, Brady is joined by Christine Sikowis Nobisss of the Great Plains Action Society.

Types of Gun Violence

97: White Supremacy, "the Great Replacement," and Gun Violence

Tragedies in places like El Paso and Charleston have led many to the same conclusion: that in many cases, gun violence and white supremacy are tied together. To begin to untie that knot, hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by two individuals who know supremacy groups inside and out.

Laws and Loopholes

96: SCOTUS, Gun Violence Prevention, and What it All Means

What does Judge Amy Coney Barrett mean for gun violence prevention? To discuss, we are joined by Brady's Vice President of Legal Jon Lowy, Brady President Kris Brown, Team Enough Executive Council member Stephan Abrams, and the Legal Director at Democracy Forward Sean Lev.

Laws and Loopholes

95: Finally, A PLCAA Victory

A PA court ruled PLCAA as unconstitutional. What does it mean, and where do we go from here? Brady discusses with a panel of experts.

Types of Gun Violence

94: Trying to End an Epidemic

Brady presents to you audio from our live event, “Brady Book Club--the Violence Inside Us.” We get deeper into the book with Senator Chris Murphy, discussing why it needed to be written, why it matters, and where we go from here.

Types of Gun Violence

93: Looking for the Helpers with Fred Guttenberg

Fred Guttenberg joins Brady talk about his book, "Find the Helpers: What 9/11 and Parkland Taught Me About Recovery, Purpose, and Hope," which details his journey since his daughter Jaime's death at the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Types of Gun Violence

92: Law Enforcement, Suicide, and Blue Help

Few know that police officers are at a higher risk of suicide than any other profession, with the vast majority of officers dying of firearm suicide. To discuss these rates, and what people can do to prevent suicide, Brady is joined by Steve Hough of Blue HELP.

Types of Gun Violence

91: Why We Need to Talk about Suicide

63 Americans die every day due to firearm suicide. These people are beloved family members, friends, and loved ones. Today, Brady talks to two people who lost ones they love--Adam Friedman and Khary Penebaker.

90: Senator Chris Murphy on "the Violence Inside Us."

Is America destined to be, and remain, a violent nation? To discuss Brady is joined by Senator Chris Murphy.

89: Suicide, Gender, and Firearms

To discuss firearm suicide, gender, and much more, Brady is joined by Dr. Kyleanne Hunter and Dr. Eric Mankowski.

88: Prisons, Punishment, Policing, and Guns

Dr. Heather Ann Thompson joins Brady to talk with us all about gun violence, segregation, policing, incarceration, and the Voting Rights Act.