59: Violence Interrupters in the Time of COVID-19

Clayton Rosenberg is back discussing what those in community-based organizations are doing to help fight gun violence during COVID-19.

58: Teens, Gun Violence, and COVID-19

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski joins Brady to discuss the dangers that gun violence and COVID-19 pose to young adults, from suicide to domestic violence.

57: Disability, COVID-19, and Guns

Victoria M. Rodriguez-Roldan joins Brady to talk all about disability, COVID-19, the risk of firearms — and why the NRA is wrong in touting that guns make people with disabilities safer.

56: Domestic Violence, Guns, and COVID-19

Ruth Glenn and Rachel Graber of NCADV talk about the intersections, and risks, of domestic violence, guns, and COVID-19.

55: Guns Can't Fight COVID-19

As gun sales hit an all-time record, Christian Heyne and retired ATF Special Agent David Chipman break down why impulsively buying a gun won't help you fight COVID-19 — but is in fact dangerous.

54: Are Gun Stores "Essential?"

Brady filed a FOIA request to determine who the Trump administration was really listening to — NIH's Dr. Fauci or the NRA's Wayne LaPierre — when it decided to label gun stores as "essential" businesses under the coronavirus outbreak.

53: 39 Years After the Shooting of Jim Brady

Kris Brown and Jon Lowy talk about the March morning in 1981 that changed the course of history.

52: An Epidemic During a Pandemic

We talk with Mighty Fine of the American Public Health Association (APHA) about how to address our country's gun violence epidemic during the coronavirus pandemic.

51: Fighting Gun Violence While Social Distancing

Brady President Kris Brown talks about how we can prevent gun violence in the time of Covid-19.

50: Guns, COVID-19, and the Risk of Suicide

Dr. Jonathan Singer and Colleen Creighton of the AAS talk about COVID-19 and how we can talk to friends and family about suicide by firearm.

49: Guns at Home and COVID-19

Dr. Kyleanne Hunter talks with gun owner, parent, and PTA leader Leslie LaRue about COVID-19 and how we can talk to friends and family about ensuring guns are being stored safely in homes.

48: Cutting the Knot

Victoria M Rodríguez-Roldán, of National LGBTQ Task Force, talks about mental health, police brutality, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and more.