Types of Gun Violence

112: Remembering the Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

Before Parkland or Columbine, there was Cleveland Elementary School. In this episode, retired teacher and survivor Julie Schardt shares her memories of that terrible day and how they continue to drive her gun violence prevention work.

Laws and Loopholes

111: The Danger of "Stand Your Ground" Laws

Brady is joined by Alyssa Ackbar, Dr. Caroline Light, and Dr. John Roman to discuss the spread of dangerous and racist Stand Your Ground Laws.


110: Insurrection at the Capitol: What’s Broken and How to Fix It

Season two kicks off with an in-depth discussion on the January 6 attack on the Capitol, a primer on the urgent steps we must immediately enact to guard against further violent attacks, and how gun safety underlies all of them.

Effects of Gun Violence

109: A Lockdown During a Lockdown

What many people don't realize is, even remote students are participating in active shooter drills. How should parents be speaking to their children about these drills? And, what do these drills even do--virtual or otherwise?

Laws and Loopholes

108: A Crime Guns 101

So, what exactly is a crime gun anyway? Why do 5% of gun dealers drive 90% of crime guns into communities? Don't worry-- Brady has experts who can answer that, and much more!

Laws and Loopholes

107: The Truth about Video Games and Guns

We're sure you've heard the myth that video games are linked to gun violence. But how did video games become scapegoats for gun violence?

Types of Gun Violence

106: Suicide and Gun Violence and the Coronavirus Pandemic and...Holidays

Brady is joined by Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, Dr. Heidi Kraft, and Dr. Ted Bonar to discuss how to reach out to people that you love, ways to store firearms safely, and much more.

Types of Gun Violence

105: 40 Years On — John Lennon, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and Gun Violence

Forty years ago on December 8, 1980, John Lennon was shot and killed. We discuss John Lennon's life and death, and what gun violence prevention is like 40 years later.

Types of Gun Violence

104: Does Buying a Gun During Lockdown Increase Your Risk of Suicide?

New research shows that those who bought firearms during the pandemic are more likely to deal with suicidal ideation than pre-existing gun owners. To break this down, we talk to Dr. Michael Anestis.

Types of Gun Violence

103: Can You Police the Second Amendment?

Does the Second Amendment apply to all individuals in the same way? To discuss all this and more we're joined by Dr. Jennifer Carlson.


102: What the Biden-Harris Administration Means for Gun Violence Prevention

Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, and with his election comes the obvious question: what does his Presidency mean for gun violence prevention?

Types of Gun Violence

101: How to Talk about Veteran's Day, Moral Injury, and Preventing Firearm Suicide

TJ Ryan and Ted Bonar join Brady to discuss what it means to be a veteran, what role gender plays in veteran suicide, and how we all can be better informed and understanding about suicidology.