Types of Gun Violence

124: Surviving Firearm Suicide

In 2010, Christen McGinnes pointed her .357 revolver at her head and pulled the trigger. Thankfully, Christen survived, and now is a devoted volunteer and advocate fighting for gun violence prevention. She joins Brady to discuss her advocacy and common suicide myths.

Laws and Loopholes

123: the Haunting Problem of Ghost Guns

When is a gun not a gun? Why are "ghost gun kits" available online to anyone, including prohibited purchasers, domestic abusers, and gun traffickers — without a background check? What can you do to prevent the spread of these ghost guns? 3 Brady and Team Enough experts weigh in.

Laws and Loopholes

122: Military Veterans on So-Called "Militias"

Brady is joined by veterans Timothy "TJ" Ryan, Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, and Congressman Jason Crow to discuss the rise of so-called “militia” groups, what it is like to see weapons of war in US streets, what it means to be a gun owner, and so much more.

Gun Ownership

121: Reckoning with Gun Culture with American Totem

Is a gun a tool, or is it something more? "American Totem" documentarian Sue Hilderbrand joins Brady to discuss what makes a firearm move from an object to an emotional totem, and what we all need to know to come together to fight for gun violence prevention.

Laws and Loopholes

120: Fighting for Expanded Brady Background Checks

The US House of Representatives passed H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, two bills designed to expand and strengthen Brady Background Checks. But where did these bills come from? What could they do? And, where do we go from here?

Effects of Gun Violence

119: The Importance of Art-tism in the Fight for Gun Violence Prevention

Brady is joined by Farooq Al- Said of 1Hood and Jason Sole of Humanize My Hoodie to discuss everything from performative allyship to code switching, to police violence being gun violence to restorative justice, to the role of art in revolutionary spaces.

Effects of Gun Violence

118: Why Survivors Must Lead in the Fight for Gun Violence Prevention

What roles should survivors play in gun violence prevention? Activists and survivors Mattie Scott and Suzanne Kelley share their experiences, and what they wish everyone knew.

Types of Gun Violence

117: 3 Years After Parkland -- "Once You Hear a Witness, You Become a Witness"

On February 14th 2018, a gunman attacked Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 14 children and three staff members. In the aftermath, survivors of that shooting have stood up for gun violence prevention--but what is it like for those survivors?


116: Everything You Wanted to Know About Guns at a Pawn Shop, But Were Afraid to Ask

Ever wondered how the buying, selling, and pawning of guns actually works? Join Brady and Davron Harris of Max Pawn Las Vegas to find out how--and what lessons gun dealers can share to help end family fire.

Effects of Gun Violence

115: The Danger of Hoaxers and "Alternate Truths:" Rep. Greene, Alex Jones, and More

So-called "gun truthers" believe that mass shootings are government-run plots. Today, fathers and gun violence prevention advocates Fred Guttenberg and Andy Parker join Brady to discuss what the normalization of such misconduct means to them--and to our country.

Gun Ownership

114: How To Be (Safely) Raised Hunting

How do you teach a child about gun safety? About hunting? Brady is joined by David and Karin Holder of Raised Hunting to find out.

Emerging Dangers

113: Do Guns Make Us Free?

The NRA has long claimed that the spread of firearms is essential to maintaining freedom in America. But is this argument true? To find out, hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by Brady President Kris Brown and political philosopher Dr. Firmin DeBrabander.