201: A Survivor on Why it Takes a Village (and Forgiveness) to End Gun Violence

CEO, documentarian, activist, father...and survivor. Oronde McClain was only ten when he was shot in the back of the head. In the decades that have followed, Oronde has dedicated himself to ending gun violence in his native Philadelphia.

200: A Survivor on the Tremendous Responsibility of Gun Ownership

Dennis Harris' beloved daughter TaLeah was only 15 when she died of suicide with his duty weapon. Now Dennis shares how his family created their company T-Lock, why he feels every gun should be sold with a lock, and how safe storage needs to be normalized.

199: A Father's Message on Firearm Suicide

Dennis Harris' beloved daughter TaLeah Christine Harris was only 15 when she died of suicide with his duty weapon. Now Dennis runs T-Lock, a company that produces smart gun locks, in the hopes that he can prevent other families from experiencing the suffering that he has.

198: Alex Jones, Sandy Hook “Deniers,” and Why it Matters

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been in the news again, this time as he sits in court for the first of 3 defamation damages cases against him brought by families from Sandy Hook. We break down why this case matters so much to gun violence prevention, and where we go from here.

197: The Minds of Mass Shooters

Since Memorial Day of this year alone there have been 178 mass shootings. As public fear rises, so too does misinformation on gun violence, and how to combat it. Expert Dr. P Shavaun Scott joins to cut through that noise with the realities of how violence occurs, and is deferred

196: Workplace Shootings: What Employers, Employees, and Customers Need to Know

Dr. Steve Albrecht discusses what encourages – and discourages – workplace shooters, as well as how businesses can build safer spaces for their clients and employees. If you've ever wondered how to make your place of work a safer place, this is the episode for you.

195: Gun Violence Harm Reduction, and Lockdowns, Across Generations

Dr. Jaclyn Schildkraut discusses how lockdown drills won't stop gun violence (but are a harm reduction method that can save lives during mass shootings), and what we can all be doing to make a future for kids where lockdown drills won't be needed.

194: What Research Says About Bringing a Gun Into Your Home

More than half of American gun owners do not safely store their guns — why is that? And how can gun violence prevention advocates, and gun owners, change that? Dr. Cassandra Crifasi (Deputy Director of the Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy) joins to unpack this all

193: Supporting Gun Violence Survivors

Rachael Joseph (founder of Survivors Lead) discusses the murder of her beloved aunt Shelley, what life is like for survivors in the gun violence prevention movement, what we all can do to build a more equitable space in the fight against gun violence.

192: Gun Violence and the Dating Partner Loophole

The passing of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is a massive step forward in addressing gun violence within intimate partner violence, but as guest Rachel Graber (Director of Public Policy, NCADV) explains, we haven't passed the finish line yet.

191: The Supreme Court & the Future of Gun Laws in the U.S.

We're joined by researchers and activists Dr. Alex McCourt, Dr. Gerald E. Harmon, Jonathan Lowy, and Aalayah Eastmond to discuss the Supreme Court's "New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen" decision, and what it means for the future of gun violence in the US, and us.

190: After Decades, the First Federal Gun Safety Legislation Has Passed

Senator Chris Murphy, Christian Heyne, and Martina Leinz discuss the historic bipartisan gun bill, the Safer Communities Act.