Laws and Loopholes

83: Gun Violence is a Democracy Issue

Brady talks to Stasha M. Rhodes, a Campaign Director of 51 for 51, about how democracy is a gun violence issue.

Emerging Dangers

82: Who, and What, are Boogaloo Bois?

Brady talks to Jason Wilson, an investigative journalist who tracks extremist movements, all about who the Boogaloo Bois are — and what they want.

Laws and Loopholes

81: What is Gun Liability Insurance?

What is gun liability insurance, and why does it matter? Brady is joined by expert Peter Kochenburger to break it all down.

Laws and Loopholes

80: Not Above the Law: NY Attorney General Files Suit to Dissolve NRA

Brady discusses New York Attorney General Letitia James’ announcement that she has filed a complaint in the Supreme Court of New York that includes 18 causes of action against the NRA

79: Marching for Gun Violence Prevention in the Time of Covid-19

Brady joins Concerned Citizens DC and Team Enough as they march in DC to prevent gun violence.

Laws and Loopholes

78: What's Behind "Fatal Encounters"

Brady is joined by D. Brian Burghart, a journalist who is the founder and executive director of Fatal Encounters, a project devoted to creating a comprehensive national database of people who are killed through interactions with police.


77: Police Reform, Public Safety, and Gun Violence Prevention

Dwayne Crawford, Executive Director of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), and Clayton Rosenberg, Chief of Staff for the Alliance of Concerned Men, join Brady for a discussion about police reform, public safety, and gun violence prevention.

Laws and Loopholes

76: The Fight for D.C. Statehood and Gun Violence Prevention

Brady is joined by organizers with 51 for 51 and Concerned Citizens to talk about the fight for DC statehood, the people leading the charge, and what the capital becoming the 51st state would mean for gun violence prevention.

Effects of Gun Violence

75: Allison Shaw on the Realities of Living After Gun Violence

Allison Shaw joins Brady to discuss the trauma of suffering and living with a gunshot wound and the activism that can spring from such an injury.

74: The Trevor Project on LGBTQ Youth, Guns, and the Risk of Suicide

Casey Pick of the Trevor Project joins Brady to talk about how to prevent LGBTQ youth suicide.

73: Gun Violence and the Murder of Black Trans Women

Imara Jones joins Brady to discuss the murders of Black trans women and how firearms contribute to them

72: "Stand Your Ground" Laws, Culture, & What it Means

Dr. Caroline Light joins Brady to talk about "stand your ground" laws, culture, and the complex history behind it.