184: The Role of Parents in Safe Firearm Storage

Mike and Kristin Song's beloved son, Ethan, was only 15 when he was killed with a friend's father's unsecured firearm. Since that terrible day in 2018, Mike and Kristin have been fighting to protect other children like Ethan from gun violence via Ethan's Law.

183: Responsible vs Safe Gun Storage

Michael Sodini sat down with us to talk all about Walk the Talk America, safe and responsible gun storage, the importance of credible messengers, and why we all need to be more open in our discussions of mental health.

182: Orphaned By Gun Violence

In a new study in the Washington Post, the paper found that at least 41 American children lose at least one biological parent to gun violence a day. Pulitzer-finalist journalist John Woodrow Cox details the study, life after loss, and what you can do to help stop gun violence.

181: Race, Stand Your Ground Laws, and Gun Violence

Kami Chavis breaks down how Stand Your Laws work (or rather, don't), their dangerous effects, and how you can push back against these spreading statutes.

180: The Power of Harm Reduction to Prevent Gun Violence

Could a harm reduction approach reduce gun violence? We discuss with activist, author, and podcaster Stephanie Wittels Wachs (the Last Day).

Emerging Dangers

179: Will Climate Change Increase Gun Violence?

Dr. Daniel Semenza discusses how studies suggest that climate change can worsen gun violence rates, with rising global temperatures leading to rising incidents of gun violence, especially in communities already hit hardest by every day gun violence.

Emerging Dangers

178: What You Need to Know about Gun Violence Against Unhoused People

Learn how gun violence can lead to individuals being unhoused, how people experiencing homelessness are further victimized by gun violence in many different forms, and what you can do to help.

Laws and Loopholes

177: "It's Like an Infection" – the Damage Done by Gun Traffickers, and the Fight Against Them

Daniel “Bud” Williams was only 16 when he was shot by a handgun that had been trafficked via a gunrunner, who had purchased over 250 guns at a Dayton, Ohio gun show in a mere 6 months. Almost 100 of those weapons had been bought from a single dealer via straw purchases.

176: You Can't Sell Guns Like Bananas and Ice Cream: Brady Legal vs Straw Purchasers

On Nov. 6, 2015, a gun was acquired by a blatant straw purchase. Within 24 hours, it was used to kill Donald and Ladonna Rice. In the years to follow, members of the Rice family, along with Brady Legal and outside counsel, brought a suit against the seller of the firearm.

175: Gun Dealers Can Be Held Accountable: Brady Legal, the DC Sniper Case, and Johnson v. Bullseye

We discuss Johnson v. Bullseye, a suit that both alleged a gun store's negligent sales practices made it partially responsible for the DC Sniper attacks and demanded Bushmaster be held accountable for continually supplying the store despite years of documented violations.

Types of Gun Violence

174: Seeking Justice for Rachel: Guns in the Hands of Prohibited Purchasers

Rachel Duncan was killed in 2018, when a prohibited purchaser gained access to a gun when he rented a firearm at a gun store/shooting range...and simply walked out the front door with it. Her mother Gail now fights to save other families from experiencing the same pain.

Types of Gun Violence

173: Guns, Teen Dating Violence, and the CDC

To honor Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Dr. Annah Bender joins to discuss intimate partner violence, the risks facing teens, how a 20 year hold on research harmed gun violence prevention efforts, and how we can all make one another safer.