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34: Here's to Moving the Line

JJ is joined by now frequent guest, Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, and dear friend Dr. Joe Sakran. Joe is a trauma surgeon, survivor, gun violence prevention activist, and founder of the hashtag “this is our lane.” We’re breaking down not only Joe’s journey to becoming a doctor and an activist, but also what “this is our lane” is about, and the role health care professionals play in helping to end the epidemic of gun violence in the US. Per Joe and Ky’s request, we’re having this hard conversation with some hard liquor--in other words, we’re sipping whiskey and spilling facts. Then, in our “Unbelievable, But!” segment, I’ll tell you why Santa probably won’t put you on the “nice” list if you show up to a photo op with him while you’re packing heat. Finally, we’re wrapping up with a brief gvp news review, where I’m covering everything from mass shootings, to political debates, to bad radio hosts.

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